Sunday, April 15, 2007

Submit Items for the Count Up Clock!

I'm soliciting items for a "top hits" list to go into a Count Up Clock that instead of counting how many more days are left in their official tenure as President and Vice-President, we list their most egregious crimes and malfeasances since the 2000 election that they stole.

How many more days, how many more scandals, how many more lies and how many more lives lost must we accept before these reactionaries are driven from office? Rather than waiting for them to go this Clock will underscore the crucial importance of impeaching them yesterday.

And for those who still think that we have to wait till their term ends, who knows if they really will leave? There could always be another, even more catastrophic terrorist event that they once again fail to interdict, "necessitating" Bush declaring martial law, suspending civil liberties and elections. After all, they have the laws giving him carte blanche to do this right now.

Please include the date with your items and the requisite details, being as cogent as you can.

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