Monday, April 16, 2007

An Extraordinary Response

I started this website a few days ago and the response has been amazing. People have been coming to visit from all over the place. It shows how much people despise this criminal regime and want to act. And it underscores the basis out there for THE PEOPLE to take impeachment boldly out into their communities and, in so doing, draw others forward into political motion, to take these villains on.

Would some of you please drop me a note and tell me how you found out about this site?


jan said...

I found your site via I like it already, and intend to read more of it. Thank you!

bluenote said...

I found this site through Project Censored and flagged it.......keep it're HERO.....!

Cheryl BW said...

Hi Dennis, found the link to your site on your posting to impeach07 yahoo group. Look forward to the work that's ahead of us in the impeach movement. I've bookmarked your blog so I'll be back.

Cheryl BW

Demi said...

found you through a link on Rosies website... thanks and good job. :)

Dennis Loo said...

Thanks for responding Demi!

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