Thursday, April 12, 2007

Got Duct Tape?

The Bush regime is famous for recommending people combat terrrorism with duct tape. Take them up on their word and use duct tape to combat the terrorists who govern this country today! A strip of tape makes a very easy and inexpensive instant armband or it can be plastered across your shirt, bag or backpack. Buy a roll, get an indelible marking pen, and write your own message on the tape. Presto: anti-terrorist impeachment agent!

Take a roll, something to cut the tape with and the pen out with you and you've got a Show It Off! impeachment kit ready to go. Spread the word! Create a stir! Hasten the day we bring down these criminals!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Using duct tape to get the message out! Very creative and available medium. Thanks for your idea. Greate for "temporary" bumper-stickers. I'm sooo proud of my Kucinich for Pres sticker!

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