Sunday, April 15, 2007

Getting Started

I'm working on getting mass production of impeachment stickers that can be taken out broadly by individuals and by groups (I-teams?!). The virtue of the stickers that people can immediately put on their clothes or stick up on a pole or wall is that when you go out into the community sporting your impeachment T-shirts and so on and selling the T-shirt to everyone you can, not everyone will have the money on them (and not everyone can afford a T-shirt - e.g., homeless people). But most people will have a buck that they can pony up for a sticker and they can then instantly become a visible impeachment proponent. We need to have a sliding economic scale of items that we take out so that the broadest numbers of people can participate.

In the meantime, one of the things people can do to get started is to make flyers that you can take out and hand out/post. You could, for example, use the text from the right hand column here, or you could use the original posting that began this website below: "Dramatically Changing the Terms of the Battle." Or you can come up with your own copy. One of the things we want definitely to do in this campaign is to be as bold and out there as we can. A small button on our chest is good, but it isn't blatant enough. We want to be blatant because we want to start a sensation and get people excited.

For this campaign to build the critical mass we need, we need to build momentum starting NOW. This idea needs to be taken out broadly and popularized. Spread the word about this website and about the Impeach07 campaign. Please continue to write in with your ideas, your actions and experience! We'd also like to post video and pictures of what people have done to further popularize the actions. So take pictures and send them in and post them yourself where you have access.

And I'm still looking for people to volunteer for the national campaign as national organizers!

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