Friday, August 24, 2007

Show It Off Re-Incarnated: Declare It Now!

Show It Off! was a dress rehearsal. I got a tremendous response from people to the idea, but I didn't succeed in enlisting organizational participation, so the idea didn't really take off and become a material reality. You can't just have a great idea. The idea has to be realized through an organization.

I'm glad to say that this has now happened. The gem of the idea of SIO has been refashioned as Declare It Now: Wear Orange Against the Bush Regime and taken up by World Can't Wait. Go and see! Declare it now! Wear orange everywhere you go!

1 comment:

audie o'fyle said...

audie o'fyle is persuaded and educated! thanks for explainging it further! looks great when i see you guys doing it. agitprop.

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